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Architecture Studio . Mix of bright and dramatic colors, minimalism & pop-up. Creating our own mood board visuals

BIANCOEBIANCA is a design company that provides services for interior , graphics , and product design. Founded by Elie Kamel ( Mr. Pink ) & Timeea Bianca Diosi ( Mrs. Blue ), two young designers that grew and studied in Italy , the home of industry , architecture and beauty .

They follow a simple but strong concept . They strongly believe in change and they think that the world needs more functionality than beauty . First you need to create a comfortable and functional design and only after that you can think about the style of the space.


Mrs. Blue 

Timeea Bianca Diosi is an interior and graphic designer ,  founder and creative director of BIANCOEBIANCA.

For her design is a space of colors ,space is like a background where every piece of furniture becomes a toy that gives you the freedom to create a functional , yet minimal space . Also the core of design is a contrast of colors and geometry in bright but vibrant colors.

Her designs are always a mix of new and futuristic , shapes & geometry that combine colours , patterns and textures in a simple , clean , functional way.


Having a crazy client might be challenging but designing something with the mind of a child is provocative


Mr. Pink 

For Mr. Pink design is a simple philosophy for a complex way of living . He is an interior architect and founder of BIANCOEBIANCA. 

He believes that by being a designer he has  the capability of manipulating peoples lives in a functional, yet aesthetical way to make their dreams come to life !

He sees objects and elements in an organic shape no matter what their shape is ; on the other hand , he makes them come to life with different hues of colors.
His passion is to create unique and special designs and give each element its own characteristics !

By combining colors, patterns and textures in a functional way we create spaces for our clients


"Our concept follows the psychology of colors . One solid color can change a space , either if it’s bright or dramatic , colors are a must in a space . Of course we never forget about geometry , which creates patterns in our design . And by giving an important graphical eye in each space we design , textures are always present"